"The Cleo Sizzle"
Holographic Non-Toxic Eye Liner TM Kit
will make your eyes smile !




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Holographic Color Choice for kit
Holographic Color Choice for kit

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"The Cleo Sizzle "
Holographic Non-Toxic Eye Liner TM Kit

I mean this both visually - as a beautiful eye enhancement,
as well as healthfully - for what the "glue" does not contain.

This kit consists of three products:
Holographic Powder, Glue & a Fine Chisel Brush.      $26.50

Expand your color selection by adding additional Holographic Powders
-sold individually.      (see color chart below)               $ 7.00 each

Benefits and Features:
Provides beautiful glistening eye enhancement.

It will not smudge, melt or flake away.

In addition to the eye area, it may be applied to the skin overall.

The safest and most effective product of its kind.

The "glue" is water based. Its primary ingredients are Extracts of Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Gel, Lemon and Cucumber.

The "glue" is alcohol-free and does not contain the harmful carcinogens found in other products of this type.

An excellent choice for use on children for dance, theatre, stage & cheerleading performances.

Safe for those who wear contact lenses or have sensitive skin.

Removes easily with Make My Day Beautifu! "Strike The Set" Eye Make-Up Remover or soap and water.

Maximum glistening effects and color intensity are best achieved by applying "The Cleo Sizzle" over top of a smudge-proof black eye liner.

The fine professional chisel brush was specifically chosen to allow only small "pick-ups" of both the Holographic Powder and Glue.  "Less is More".

You'll receive almost 2 times the amount of Holographic Powder than is offered in any other product of this type.

No mess, no waste! You will easily access the Holographic Powder from its quality acrylic container. It opens and closes easily. Powder does not collect on the rim to fall out when you open the container.

No mess, no waste! The glue bottle comes with a dropper, in order to allow you to control the amount that you dispense for each application. Also, it does not leak !

My premier, proprietary, custom Holographic Powder shade is "Tahitian Sky", which I am wearing in the photo above. The fabulous shades below, have been added.

More custom blended shades will soon be available !

Please choose from our current color selection of Holographic Powders:

                         Directions for how to create "The Cleo Eye Design" ®
                                              will be found inside this kit.

Collect additional colors for only $7.00 each

For ultimate intensity, all color samples shown were applied over top of black

Make My Day Beautifu! "Smooth Gel Eyeliner".

Tahitian Sky BDZTS
Fireside Fantasy BDZFF
Copa Confetti BDZCC
Silver Legacy BDZSL


   For years I've worn sparkly eye products. Though I've received many compliments, I never found a product that performed well enough to offer to my customers. I guess there was an underlying reason. Only recently, my husband - who has a Chemical Engineering degree - and I realized the quantity of carcinogenic ingredients that are contained in these products. Quite an eye opener ! Could products like these have contributed to my current incurable, chronic neuromuscular condition? (I was diagnosed in 2000). We got busy researching, concocting, combining, consulting and testing. The result : I'm proud to present "The Cleo Sizzle" Holographic Non-Toxic Eye Liner ®.                                                                   Be Healthy & Enjoy! , Linda

 Price         $26.50
 Size               1 Kit
 Item          BDTSE

All Products Recommended for Creating
"The Cleo Eye Design" ® are listed below.

   To Create "The Cleo Eye Design" ® You Will Need:

1- "The Cleo Sizzle" Holographic Non-Toxic Eye Liner
2-   An Under Eye Concealer
3-   Eye Shadow Base
4-   Eye Shadow
5-   A Highly Pigmented, Smooth Glide, Smudge Proof, Black Eye Liner Pencil or a Gel Liner with Brush. Choose Either to Line / Draw Above Upper Lashes and Below Lower Lashes. Only Select Pencils Will Deposit Color Onto the Lower Inside Ledge of the Eye, and Are Safe For This Application.
6-   Mascara

   I recommend the following
   Make My Day Beautiful !™ Products:

1-   The Professional, Refillable "People's Colors Box" ®
                     For "Dual Duty " Concealer / Eye Shadow Base
                     and  10 eye shadows !
2-   Smooth Gel Eyeliner that comes with a Professional Taklon Brush
3-   The "Roman Roll-Out" Inner Rim Eyeliner Pencil
4-   Professional - 12  Piece - Natural Hair Brush Kit

Please refer to application directions contained inside "The Cleo Sizzle" Kit.


.18 Oz. / 5.2 g      1 Oz. /30 mL
B.B.to B. price $26.50

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