Having used "Dual Duty" Concealer/Eye Shadow Base for over 25 years, I don't know if I could even apply eye make-up without it. When I demonstrate this high performance product on my hand, people are amazed ! Though the shadow applied on top of it will not budge, it is easily removed with
Make My Day Beautiful! "Strike The Set" Oil-Free Eye Make-Up Remover.
   Recently "Dual Duty" was "updated". It is now both Talc and Paraben-free - and refillable!
   "Dual Duty" is available in shades "Light" and "Caramel". Unless you are truly "dark complected", I recommend you choose "Light". Realize - for example - if you are concealing under eye darkness or temporary bruising/redness from a dermatological procedure, you are starting with an area that is darker than your overall skin tone. By working to camouflage with a shade that is lighter, you create a "half-tone". Your next step, is to set "Dual Duty" with a powder. For this application, I created Refillable - "Clarity Cream" Mineral Setting Powder. Following its application - with a brush - achieve perfect coverage and skin tone continuity by applying "Refillable - Pressed Mineral Sleek Powder Compact" - in your overall skin tone shade - to the rest of your face and only, if necessary, to the camouflaged area.
   I took the time to explain my method of application in order for you to achieve best camouflage results. I find that many people are not pleased with the coverage or wear of their concealer because - aside from the formulation of their product, they choose a color that is initially too dark, and do not know to set their concealer with the proper setting powder. Also, I find that some people tend to "over conceal". A little goes a long way so, with that in mind, be sure that your concealer does not extend past your area of discoloration and into your overall skin tone.
                                    Enjoy this optimum coverage solution!               Linda

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This is truly a "Dual" purpose product. It is the best eye shadow base ever ! It is also fabulous for concealing under eye circles and blemishes. For this purpose, it is best set with "Clarity Cream" Mineral Setting Powder - applied with a brush.

Refillable Mirrored Compact .2 oz / 5.7g   $12.50
Refillable Mirrored Compact with "Dual Duet Applicator" $20.50
Refill - Full Round  $10.00
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"Dual Duty"
Concealer/Eye Shadow Base

By using "Dual Duty" as a base, your eye shadow colors will apply smoothly, opaque, true to color and will not crease. Your shadow will be wear proof and water resistant for a minimum of 12 hours.

Apply with your choice of a camouflage brush, sponge tip applicator or your finger. Dual Duet Applicator- pictured - may be added to this product purchase for an additional $8.00 - and free shipping. Click here for detailed applicator information and to purchase it separately.

#1 Selling Make My Day
Beautiful! Make-Up Product
for over 25 years !

Talc and Paraben-Free

It is Also Refillable !
"Light"         mmdb_light_eye_shadow_concealer
"Dual Duty" Mirrored Refillable Compact-Light
"Dual Duty" Mirrored Refillable Compact -Light, with Dual Duet Applicator
"Dual Duty" Refill - Light
 Price              $12.50
 Price              $20.50
 Price              $10.00
Size                  .2 oz.
Size                  .2 oz.
Size                  .2 oz.
Item             BDDDC
Item             BDDDA
 Item             PCRDL

Limit of 1 each

"Caramel"  mmdb_caramel_eye_shadow_base_concealer
"Dual Duty" Mirrored Refillable Compact-Caramel
"Dual Duty" Mirrored Refillable Compact -Caramel, with Dual Duet Applicator
"Dual Duty" Refill - Caramel
 Price              $12.50
 Price              $20.50
 Price              $10.00
Size                  .2 oz.
Size                  .2 oz.
Size                  .2 oz.
Item             BDDCD
Item             BDDCA
 Item             PCRDC