The Bringing Beauty to Benefit . . .® Boutique & Classroom

September, 2010        
(Original On Line Store Launch Letter)  

Welcome to the launch of

The “Bringing Beauty to Benefit  . . . Boutique”

The concept for developing this online store actually “fell” into my head about two months ago. My husband, Greg, and I had just returned home from attending a few children’s charity events in a row. As always, we had great memorable times with wonderful people who work so hard to raise money for their charities.

In addition to all of the fun festivities, laughs and entertainment, there’s always that portion of the program that focuses on the purpose for which we were all brought together. Someone speaks and/or a short film is shown about the cause. Suddenly, the room is silent except for some sniffling, and everyone knows that more help is needed. I found myself obsessing over – “What else can I do to help?”.

I experienced one of those “light bulb moments” when I realized that most of what I needed to help – I already had. If you click onto “About Make My Day Beautiful !” ® on this website, you’ll understand my resources. I asked myself: “In addition to the annual donations for silent auctions and girls self-esteem programs, why not raise money for these charities - that we believe in - on a continuing basis?”

Greg and I are very busy preparing for this store to open by the date of a charity event, that we will be participants in, later this month. Though the deadline is fast approaching, and the work days are stressful and long, the response that I’m receiving in support of The “Bringing Beauty to Benefit . . .™ Boutique” is amazingly positive. The right people have been available to talk with on the phone. Beautiful jewelry (made by lovely people – who deserve great success themselves) has literally stopped me in my tracks. Time proven small and/or family owned United States business owners have offered me the opportunity to present their products. I’m feeling extra blessed to be working with people who in addition to manufacturing or representing great products, have in recent meetings, or over many years that we’ve previously worked together, displayed fabulous integrity and customer service to me. My intent is to provide the same to you.

Aside from developing this store, over the past two months, ideas for two new “Make My Day Beautiful ! ®” products also “fell” into my head. Both “The Sizzle” Holographic Non-Toxic Eye Liner ™ and The “People’s Colors Box ™” will benefit girls of all ages. In my opinion, as important as is the performance of a product, is the long term safety from the effects of the ingredients contained within.

In addition to the fine products, I’ll be tossing in my professional “2 cents” with hopes of giving you guidance for your personal selections. I hope to help you with “best use” suggestions, in order that you may achieve maximum results from your products. Jewelry will be presented in “Style Statements”, my tips to help you achieve “the look” for each season.

In today’s tough economic times, the products I am choosing to showcase in this store are of exceptional quality and value. All of the make-up and skin care products are result proven. Some of my inspirational jewelry choices represent the faith that leads me from thought to thought and today into tomorrow.

10% of every purchase goes to a charity - that you choose. Please find them listed on our “A Note to Friends Old & New” page.

If you like what you’re about to experience at the  “Bringing Beauty to Benefit . . .™ Boutique”, please pass it on to a friend, worthy charity, or a quality U.S. business whose products may fit well with my philosophies and mission. Thank you for your support.

Please visit again soon. I’m just getting started...


Update: Late in 2012, we closed out our online
inventory/representation of designer jewelry
lines, in order to, once again, focus solely on the
development and marketing of Make My Day Beautifu!!'s - very
successful - signature cosmeceutical skin care
and professional media make-up products.

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