About Make My Day Beautiful, Linda Beck, history of business
November 2008
(Original Website Launch Letter)

Dear Friends, old and new,

As I have entered the second half of my first century - (this time around), and “Make My Day Beautiful! The Professional Make-Up Designers” has celebrated its quarter century birthday, I am finally easing into computer technology, with the launch of this web site.

The purpose of my web site is not to generate business for “Make My Day Beautiful!”. My existing clients and friends are well aware of my aversion to electronic communication. My powerful intuition and energy are best guided through personal conversation.

The reason that, Greg, my husband, all around great guy and high tech expert developed this site for “Make My Day Beautiful!” is to allow us the opportunity to easily share - with old friends and new - some of the organizations and causes that we’ve been drawn to learn about and become involved with.

Interestingly enough, some of the lovely people - that through fund raising events - we’ve had the opportunity to meet and spend time with - have made us aware of an organization that they support and invited us along. We are continually blessed to meet inspiring, passionate, accomplished people, and to learn what inspired them to get involved; some for the purpose of ending cycles of abuse and improving a child’s life and opportunities; some for neurological research; some for awareness and treatment of mental and physical disabilities of childhood through geriatric conditions; some for a purer, healthier environment; some for the appreciation and preservation of all that we love about America; some for support and a “Thank You” for those who defend our country daily; some to establish a comforting place to go - to never forget those who gave all.

Though all of these organizations are different, in many ways they are quite the same. Each evolved due to a serious concern or need. Simply said, the people involved are people who care.

In 2000 I was relieved to finally have an answer regarding the unexplained changes that - certainly uninvited - crept into my previously unstoppable bounce-back body, quick witted mind and invincible immune system. Though some days are not as delightful as others, most would not know that I manage an incurable, chronic neuromuscular condition. I choose to be as physically active as my body will allow, practice healthy ingestion, think and absorb positive thoughts, find humor almost anywhere, surround myself with forward thinking people that walk their talk, conquer a perpetual list of attainable goals and always have an uplifting event to anticipate experiencing.

My daily goal is to bring a sense of positivity to everyone I encounter. Sometimes, it’s as simple as sincerely asking “How are you today?” - Then, being prepared to listen to an honest answer. I find that in our ever increasing technologically advanced society, people are often surprised that you took the time to care. Truth be it, since we can only truly process one thought at a time, I find that by focusing on others I get myself off my mind and substantially ease my own discomfort. Sans drugs, a dose of kindness and daily gratitude for all of the above - for me - make for a much better day.

As with most people, Greg and I choose to support organizations whose causes draw us in - due to something that we or someone close to us has experienced in the past, or a situation that we hold with current passion. Though some of the personal experiences that draw us into these organizations are not some of the best, I find it quite ironic that the people who comprise these groups continue to provide us with opportunities to experience some of the best times and memories that we’ll ever have. We invite you to learn more.

Below, is a list of some of the organizations that we believe in. Please click on the links below to visit their websites. If I may answer any questions for you or be of any help, please call me at 209.772.3305, or email me at linda@makemydaybeautiful.com .(My email response may take a few days).

www.barbarasinatrachildrenscenter.org www.franksinatragolf.org
www.michaelboltoncharities.com www.thethalians.org
www.worldfitforkids.org (Kevin Sorbo) www.childhelp.org
www.woundedwarriorproject.org www.uso.org
www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org www.redcross.org
www.musiciansoncall.org www.traceadkins.com
www.childrensmiraclenetworkhospitals.org www.toysfortots.org
www.vffoundation.org (Vince Ferragamo) www.ucp.org
www.michaeljfox.org www.bbbs.org
www.stjude.org www.grammy.org/musicares
www.173dairbornememorial.org www.wrcase.com/about_case/
www.mptf.com/goldenbootawards www.aspca.org
www.easterseals.org www.pawspartners.org
www.ryansreach.com (Pat Boone) www.georgelopezfoundation.org/


Make My Day Beautiful!®_30th_Anniversary_as_seen_in_Skin_Inc_Magazine_Oct_2013


Make My Day Beautiful! Celebrates Turning 30!
     Fall, 2013

Founded by professional media make-up artist, Linda Litzinger Beck, Make My Day Beautiful!® began as the first, documented, on-location make-up design company, in Northern California. The company resided in a bustling make-up studio/store, in Silicon Valley, for many years. The on-line Bringing Beauty To Benefit…® Boutique and Classroom was established in 2010. Since then, the business has become a key sponsor in support of several national, annual, celebrity charity events. Due to exposure in these circles, Make My Day Beautiful!®'s "It's Good To Be Green" ® Professional Media Make-Up and Cosmeceutical Skin Care Products have become regular invitees of the Hollywood entertainment industry's most prestigious, celebrity, red carpet awards event gifting suites. These products, with universal usability and appeal, are featured in the company's "Red Carpet Products Collection". Linda is proud to have had her products requested for use on the sets of major network television programs, as well as for use in the clubhouse of MLB athletes. The products are now used in, and may be purchased at select, fine day spas, nationwide.


For most current updates, click here to see our Red Carpet Products page.