Please know, that even if you are darker complected, "Clarity Cream" may be of benefit to you for the applications that I've explained above. Due to its - just the right amount - of yellow content, you can lighten without that "ashy look". Then be sure to finish your make-up application by applying a powder that best matches your overall complexion.
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"Clarity Cream" Mirrored Compact 0.14 oz./ 4 gms   $12 .50   
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"Clarity Cream"
Mineral Setting Powder
Highlighting Eye Shadow

   I created "Clarity Cream" after I began to realize that - even some of my long time customers - were not experiencing the full benefits of "Dual Duty" because they did not have the best powder with which to set it. When these two products bond, the long wear of this concealing solution is outstanding!
  "Clarity Cream" has just the right amount of yellow content to effectively counteract blue. Most often blue is present in "under eye circles" as well as in post dermatological procedure bruising. Please know, that some powders - that I know of - created for this purpose, contain too much yellow. The look of jaundice, anyone?
   Light shades of shadows, such as "Clarity Cream", provide their best effects directly under the eyebrow and outside the inner corner of the eye - closest to the bridge of the nose.
   Another beneficial use of "Clarity Cream", is to apply it wherever you may wish to minimize the appearance of facial lines and dark shadows. Try it in the nasolabial folds or in "puppet lines" below the mouth. Highlight above your upper lip before applying lip liner and lip color. To slim and elongate your nose, brush a strip of this powder down the center.

Talc and Paraben-Free

It is Also Refillable !
"Clarity Cream" Mirrored Compact
"Clarity Cream" Mirrored Compact with "Dual Duet Applicator"
Refill - "Clarity Cream"
- Full Round
 Price              $ 12.50
Price              $ 20.50
Price              $ 8.00
Size  .14 oz./4 gms.
Size  .14 oz./4 gms., 6.5"
Size  .14 oz./4 gms.
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 Item             BDCCR
"Clarity Cream" Mirrored Compact with
"Dual Duet Applicator" (Save on shipping)   $20.50

Refill (Full Round)   $  8.00   

This is the perfect mineral powder to use for setting "Dual Duty" - when it is used as a concealer and also an eye opening, enlarging and brightening, highlighting eye shadow.